Communication & Management Services

What Can We Do For You ?

GU Consulting provides first class expertise in communication and management. We help administrations, non-profits and businesses to reach their objectives. We always keep an eye on the big picture while remaining fully detail-oriented. We are passionate and dedicated people with only one goal : providing you with dedicated solutions.

360 Communication

We build and implement communication strategies with a « digital first » approach but covering all the spectrum of communication. We build websites, develop mobile apps, manage social media, produce video content, run email campaigns, develop digital advertising strategies. We write press releases and op-ed pieces and manage your relationship with the media. We also offer a range of trainings from social media to public speaking.

EU Public Affairs

We offer you access to the best expertise available in European Union policies and politics. This includes intelligence gathering, strategy development and advocacy. We help you getting the attention of the right person at the right moment, to mobilise public opinions and policy makers to make your message heard.

Development project

We put our hands-on expertise in international development projects at your service. We help you identify funding opportunities, writing grant proposal, run and evaluate projects. We help you to find you the best experts to make sure that your project have the greatest impact locally. We optimise your communications strategy to foster your grassroot engagement.

Beyond Brussels


Our international portofolio of clients covers a large panel of actors from the smallest businesses to major MNCs. We support with our work international NGOs and developing countries administrations.

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We always love to hear from our clients. Please feel free to contact us.